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Cheap Flights to London

Cheap Flights to London – Book your adventure today!

She is one of the most magnificent cities in the world and cheap flights to London are available! One of the prettiest cities on the planet to visit and her charms are many. She is home to world-famous museums filled with treasures. The finest gold, jewels and precious artifacts from all over the globe can be found on display. Some pieces may have been stolen and many more still considered “borrowed” from former colonies once administered by the British Empire. One thing everyone can agree on is a cheap ticket to London, booked online is the only way to go when it comes to getting yourself “across the pond”

There is plenty of “home grown” talent on display in the museums, the theatres, the music clubs. Even the thousands of pubs that call the city home have traditionally brewed lager, ales and local fare. But there are wine bars, cocktail lounges and juice bars to try as well. Book cheap tickets to London online and you’ll be in a position to have a sip of them all.

You’ll eat at restaurants run by Michelin-starred Chefs and shop (or window shop!) at Prada, Gucci and more. Cheap flights to London are out there and the more money you save on your ticket, the more you have to spend on yourself and your family once you get there.

So Many Accomodation Options

There are London hotels for every budget. Exclusive boutique hotels are tucked away in the narrow streets of Soho and a cheap flight means you can afford them! The grandeur and grace of The Ritz or Claridges are now within your budget. The newest jewel in London’s crown is perhaps the Bulgari Hotel and Residences. Staying true to the Italian Jewellers roots, a silver and gold theme pervades the property which includes two floors of spa and a 25 metre swimming pool. All built to “improve your well-being”. It certainly couldn’t hurt!

Bed and Breakfasts

Traditional home-based accommodation can be a cozy and affordable option. As the name implies you’ll have a private bedroom, but may have to share a bathroom. Breakfast is often a big “fry-up” with eggs, rashers, fried potatoes and tomatoes and more. Enough food to keep you well-fuelled until lunch!

Palaces and Parks

Buckingham Palace. How could you miss it? They are probably too busy to have you in for tea, but maybe you’ll catch a Royal wave from the palace window?

Green Park and Hyde Park are two inner-city parks worth a picnic and a stroll. It’s the perfect opportunity to stretch your legs after your cheap flight to London.

So Many More Sights to See

The British Museum

They say the best things in life are free, but I feel this is rarely true. Amazingly, while you are free to make a donation when you enter the British Museum (and probably should) admission is still zero. Incredible when you consider how expensive many things can be in this amazing town. Fortunately, cheap flights to London are easy to find online.

The National Gallery

Yup, free as well. It must be something in their (unwritten) British Constitution. A fantastic collection of works, with pieces by Monet, Seurat, Cezanne and countless others. Located on Trafalgar Square, in central London and easily accessible by bus or tube (underground rail) A great gift shop offers plenty of souvenirs to take home. All within your budget because you booked your cheap flights to London online!

The London Eye

From the tiny, sky high capsules that slowly, silently rise and fall above the London skyline, it’s possible to see over 55 landmarks in less than 30 minutes. A camera is mandatory!

The Tower of London

It’s been a prison, a palace a home to priceless jewels and even a zoo. Now it’s one of the top tourist attractions in the city and a cheap flight will get you there.

I’ll stop the world and melt with you…Madame Tussauds is still a tourist favourite and very year new statues of the rich, famous and infamous are added.

Are You Hungry Yet?

No trip to London would be complete without at least one meal of fish and chips. You’ll have no trouble finding a chip shop, there is one on every corner. But the locals have a few favourites of their own. One hidden gems is the Fish Club near Wandsworth Town rail station. Only the finest in fried fishy fare is served. Best of all it’s fish is sustainably-sourced and the chips are more like sweet potato fries!

Mr.Gordon Ramsay. Never mind the nightmare that may be going down in the kitchen. The food at any one of Mr. Ramsay’s fine dining restaurants will be good enough to make you forget the bill when it inevitably arrives. Lucky for you, you found cheap tickets to London! Ramsay oversees the kitchens at Maze, Petrus and others. Stuck at Heathrow? You should head to Terminal Five to sample Gordon’s version of tasty airport terminal treats.

Chinatown is just around the corner from busy Piccadilly and a short stroll from the theatres and activity of Leicester square. They open early and they close very late. Did your cheap flight to London get you into the city late? This is a great spot for a snack at any hour. They are always busy because the Chefs are so good and their dishes affordable. Dim sum, hot pots, noodles in soup; it’s all here.

Pubs are a great place for a fast, fresh meal in a traditional atmosphere surrounded by office workers. On the weekends, the entire family comes down to enjoy a relaxed afternoon and catch up on the local gossip. Try a pint of your favourite with a ploughman’s lunch and tell your new friends how easy it was to book cheap flights to London!

Shop til You Drop

You’ve got a bit of spare cash because you purchased a cheap ticket online. Time to spend the savings! London is a shopper’s paradise. Why not head to Bond Street or Oxford Street for high end and affordable fashion and accessories.

To the north Camden Market is almost too much fun. Rows of street vendors hawk their wares along the canels of Camden town. Head south of the river to Brixton and sample Jamaican patties, rotis and African delicacies as well as some of the most happening Hip Hop in the hottest dance clubs. Take the first step to getting in the door by booking your cheap flights to London.


East access to all of London’s excellent adventures are just click or two away. Book your cheap flights online and start planning the trip of a lifetime. London is lovely, lively, crazy fun or peace and quiet. She’s whatever you want her to be, and she’s got the best art, culture, cuisine and clubs on the planet. Book the cheapest tickets to London now!

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