Cheap Flights to Las Vegas – Find and Book the Cheapest Flights Online

Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

Cheap Flights to Las Vegas – Book your adventure today!

You Won’t Want to be “Leaving Las Vegas”….

Home to legendary hotels, casinos, performers and restaurants, Las Vegas is a legend herself. Cheap tickets to Las Vegas are available online. You’ve got no excuse not to book now and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. There are activities for the whole family, but Las Vegas is also the perfect place to book your honeymoon.

Stag party? Hen Party? The city has a wild side too. If you choose to indulge, don’t worry. As the saying goes ; “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” And cheap flights to Las Vegas means more money to spend once you settle into “Sin City”!

Hotels Casinos

You’ve know the names of the latest and the greatest hotel casinos. Now it’s time to experience them for yourself. The Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, Wynn Las Vegas. The list goes on and on. Hotel deals and cheap tickets are available online and may be booked together for even greater savings.

Poker is a perennial favourite at all of the major casinos. But the craps table may be the most exciting. “Roll them bones” the players cry as they head into battle. Even if you’re there as a spectator and not an active participant in the sport it’s so much fun just to watch. And the cocktails just keep coming around, often at no charge! Step one; book a cheap ticket to Las Vegas and start packing.

The slot machines are always packed and give us non-gambling Vegas visitors a no-brainer entry into the gambling action! The Blackjack Tables are never empty. But beware you may go bust before the house. Some gamblers believe the player is at a slight disadvantage. But anyone who books a cheap flight is a winner!


Some of the most sumptuous buffets in the world are found in the hotels that line the strip. The Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace is a perennial favourite and has been voted “Best Vegas Buffet” by several newspapers, travel guides and other organization. Every day a team of professional Chefs prepare over 500 dishes. Of these, 115 are pastries! Other savoury delights include fresh King Crab legs, souffles cooked to order and Chinese dim sum specialities including house-made dumplings. If you have your cheap ticket to Las Vegas booked, you could be there in time for dinner!

The Wicked Spoon Buffet has an excellent selection of sushi and Southeast Asian creations. Funky favourites include “unagi”, BBQ freshwater eel that is a summer delicacy in Japan. Or sample spicy green Thai curries or Vietnamese noodles in soup. And the desserts are to die for. Almost too pretty to eat. Almost. If you’re starting to feel hungry you’d be well-advised to get your cheap ticket to Las Vegas secured before prices go up!

Performers and Events

Anyone who is anyone has performed at one of the many spectacular venues that call Las Vegas home. With the availability of cheap tickets to Las Vegas, you have the opportunity to catch any concert you’d like. Old, new or up and coming, you’ll see your favourite act perform in venues small and large.

Are you a lover or a fighter? You can be and see both when you book a cheap flight to Las Vegas online! Ringside seats are available when the biggest and best boxers and fighters go up against each other.

Cirque de Soleil performances are available year round. Rekindle your romance as you and your significant other take a trip on a gondola through “Venice”; or at least a fairly accurate recreation of Venice inside the Venetian Hotel. Indoor and outdoor tours available. Cheap flights to Las Vegas will give you and your lover the escape you deserve.

The planet’s hottest bands have all played Las Vegas or are scheduled to do so. Cheap flights to Las Vegas give you access to premier concerts and live performances by the best musicians living today. Even Elvis lives on in Las Vegas (or a “dead ringer” anyway). You can book cheap flights to Las Vegas online to see him in a town that never sleeps.

Kid’s Stuff

Cheap flights means the whole family can enjoy the awesome attractions the city has to offer. Kids big and small will get their kicks at some of these fun-filled destinations. Adventuredome is one hot spot.

America’s largest indoor theme park is housed inside the Circus Circus hotel. More than five acres of fun is waiting for you and your family. There are several roller coasters for those in need of an adrenaline fix. If you’ve just finished breakfast at one of the fabulous buffets, you may want to start with the bumper cars instead.

Get Out and Active

There’s nothing like a little fresh air to help your recover from the previous evening’s indulgences. Perhaps it was a bottle of Chianti followed by Frangelico and espresso in one of the many fine Italian restaurants that has left you a little fuzzy in the morning. Are the Hip Hop beats from last night’s dance club still audible in your head?

Either way a little exercise will make you feel a whole lot better. Here are two must-visit sights that will get you up and about. And by booking a cheap ticket to Las Vegas online, you have been left with more time and money to spend exploring.

The Grand Canyon

Approximately 17 million years ago, the Columbia River started the arduous task of carving the Grand Canyon out of the earth. Today, the canyon is more than 250 miles long, and in some places a mile deep. Many visitors book flights to Las Vegas and then head out to the Canyon to explore. Guided tours are available, as well as public trails.

Did you win big at the craps table? Did you save cash by booking a cheap ticket to Las Vegas online? Throw the usual budget out the window and splurge on a once in a lifetime opportunity. Enjoy a spectacular birds eye view of one of America’s great natural wonders. Helicopter tours take you above, and into the canyon. Do not forget your camera!

The Hoover Dam

Over one million people a year visit the Hoover Dam, and the best way to get there is by booking a cheap flight. Guests are permitted to access the walkway at the top of the dam, but only during daylight. The dam itself is incredible but don’t miss visiting the massive reservoir it was built to house as well. Lake Mead is America’s largest reservoir and possibly just as impressive as the dam itself. Paddle boats can be rented down stream from the dam itself.

Getting There and Away

Cheap flights to Las Vegas can be found online. Many carriers and hotels partner up to offer even more savings then when you book your flight and accommodation separately.

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