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Few places in the world hold the unique and beautiful appeal to travelers that Australia does. From white sands, warm with sun to lush and thick jungles filled with rare wildlife – Australia is a destination from which few can turn away. However, travel prices can be an unfortunate expense that will make even the most eager explorer stay home. Sadly, with staggering gas prices and more stringent company policies, some travelers are unable to even travel without finding cheap tickets or cheap flight prices. Finding cheap flights to Australia does not have to be an impossible headache. With cheap flights to Australia you can see all the beauty and fun that Australia has to offer without breaking your bank account.

When choosing a travel destination, you no longer have to pick your vacation spot based on which tickets you afford. This allows you to examine and choose your getaway based solely on what you want to see and do, not on which flight you can afford. So why is Australia the paradise getaway for your family? Here are just some of the reasons to visit the great nation of Australia:

Sights to See in Australia

Great Barrier Reef

With its crystal blue waters, abundant marine life and a fantastical underwater view, is it any wonder why the Great Barrier Reef makes the list of world wonders? The reef is home to thousands of colorful water creatures including turtles, exotic fish, vibrant and rare coral and sharks. Visiting the Great Barrier Reef is something everyone should do once in their lifetime, even if only to appreciate the beauty and majesty that is the oceanic ecosystem.


This sacred red mound is nothing short of pseudo-holy site to many around the world. Uluru reaches about 8km into the sky and draws the attention of spiritually curious tourists from all over. During sunset the iron filled rock produces a dancing of colors that fills the area in an almost hypnotic display of natural beauty.

Kings Canyon

Beautiful and expansive, Kings Canyon rivals the beauty of even the Grand Canyon for its visitors. Looking into the spiraling expanse and seeing pieces of natural rarity is an attraction that encourages the trek of many travelers to brave the Australian wildlife.

Cities to Visit

The beauty of knowing the best place to find cheap flights to Australia is that even if you start in a single city, you can get a full Australia experience and see as much of the country as possible.


Sydney is one of the most naturally beautiful cities in the world. Because of its famed opera house and remarkable harbor and bridge the city carves its place into the oceanic landscape in a way that anyone must see to believe. Filled with life and bustling excitement, Sydney boasts a friendly and unique experience for travelers to experience. Catching a cheap flight to Australia, often means an instant stop in Sydney to many savvy travelers. At the very least, no true tourist can leave the country without at least stopping in the city to try some its delicious cuisine and see the cities gorgeous shoreline.


Perth is a city built around the unique art and natural beauty of a park center. The city easily holds its own as a thriving tourist attraction with its own ocean sites and fun vibe. Even more, travelers can stop by Fremantle and sample Australia’s best beer, Little Creatures. Filled with youth and exuberance, it’s no wonder Perth holds its own in the travel scene, even when compared to Sydney.


Melbourne is a city of uniqueness. This thriving metropolis is surrounded on all sides by natural beauty and rolling fields and farmland. The city boasts a thriving fashion scene filled with flashy designer names and nightlife. Few can stop in the city without seeing the power of its after-hours lifestyle. Melbourne offers its visitors a lively vibe, powered only further by its comfortable and natural feel. From its manmade beauty and its natural landscapes, Melbourne is a combination of everything worth seeing in Australia.

Things to Do in Australia

After getting the best prices with fair prices and such a cheap flight, why not enjoy a little extra adventure while in Australia?


With so many pristine oceans and bustling port and harbor cities, it’s no wonder the water lifestyles have flourished in Australia. The country boasts some of the best places to surf, swim, hang glide, water ski and dive. Visiting Australia means seeing a nation that has made the shoreline its home, spreading its largest cities along the ocean. Bondi Beach, Noosa, and Queensland offer some of the best surfing spots in the world, certainly Australia offers the best surfing on the East Coast.

Sample Some Barbeque

Australians are famous for many things, but perhaps none more than their Barbeque. Australia takes their BBQ seriously, and rightly so, because few nations can claim a better tasting sauce than local Australians. Sample a rack of ribs, steak, pulled pork or, if you are feeling especially adventurous, some kangaroo, slathered in the barbeque sauce that is a national namesake.

Swim with the Dolphins

Because of Australia’s thriving ocean life, swimming with the dolphins is certainly an option to any visitor. Those travelling to Adelaide can snorkel and dive with these beautiful and friendly creatures. So why not experience the ocean with one of nature’s most playful ocean tour guides.

Wine Tasting

No trip to Australia can be complete without seeing some of the nation’s famed vineyards. From the rolling fields of Margaret River, majesty and color of the Barossa Valley, and the emerald hills of Hunter Valley, there is no doubt that vineyards are a cultural experience not to be missed in Australia. All of these destinations offer day trips that allow visitors to see and experience the beauty of these wineries. Even more, each one offers wine tasting packages that allow tourists to go home knowing that they can definitively say they are Australian wine connoisseurs.

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So now that finding cheap tickets to Australia is within reach, why put off your Australian getaway? The only difficult part about planning your Australian experience should be which places to visit first.

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