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Few cities in the world can compete with the charm and culture of Amsterdam. This capital city stands tall and proud, its majestic monuments and historic beauty unmatched in most of Europe. From rising building to remarkable bridges, a sightseeing trip to Amsterdam is never dull. In fact, the city alone proudly a total of 6,500 monuments, 1,200 bridges, 160 canals and over 50 museums. All of this while somehow remaining small enough (only around 740,000 local inhabitants) to truly enjoy and experience. Unfortunately, with rising travel prices, many would-be-travelers spend more time hunting for cheap flights to Amsterdam more than they spend actually travelling.

The rising costs of gas and fuel in the country has seen airline prices skyrocket, the result of which has seen many tourists stuck at home instead of exploring the world. This means that finding a cheap flight may be the only way many travelers can travel. But when finding cheap tickets with cheap flights to Amsterdam, your jet setting family and friends can explore the world in peace again. And why not start with Amsterdam? Using the site is easy and efficient and allows you to search through dozens of cheap tickets to just about any place in the world. The site works by compiling the cheap flights listed all of the web so you don’t have to visit a dozen different websites to find the best deal.

When planning a trip to Amsterdam, efficiency and preparedness is key. With so many historic landmarks and attractions, it’s hard to choose which ones to see and which ones to pass up. But, if you are able to find cheap flights to Amsterdam, why not take the time to experience them all. Here are just a few of great things to see and experience while visiting Amsterdam:


Amsterdam is nothing is not historic. In fact, the city even has a historic center that celebrates and recalls the cities golden age. However, a few museums in particular stand out to many history loving tourists. And after finding cheap flights to Amsterdam, many travelers can actually build an entire vacation solely out the many museums the city has to offer.

Van Gogh Museum

As the name implies, this is an entire museum dedicated to the display and preservation of the famed artist, Vincint Van Gogh. The museum boasts the largest collection of Van Gogh’s work in the world, so much so that is attracts artists and art collectors from all over the world simply for a chance to see and experience the artist’s great work in person. Because of the museums vast and sizable collection, the museum also attracts art students and scholars who, through the works, can track the development of the artist while recognizing each paint stroke.

Anne Frank House

Few stories stand more inspirational than the famed diary of young girl who saw the rise of the Nazi movement in Europe and recorded every step in her diary. While in hiding, Frank recorded her life and the lives of her family in a journal that would someday prove witness to the extraordinary acts committed by ordinary people. Because of the family’s bravery, the home attracts historians and fans from all over the world. Few can visit the city and pass up the chance to visit the home that the young girl so often spoke of in her diary. Those who tour can witness the cramped living space where living history was made and recorded.

Rembrandt House Museum

The Rembrandt House Museum is far more than a gallery that displays the artist’s works. It is his home, the place where he painted and worked on the works that would someday redefine the view of art. While visiting, you can drawing, sketches, engravings and paintings done by the famed artists all the while walking through the home in which he was so inspired. Even more, the museum also displays the work of some of the great artist’s pupils, who went on to be great in their own artistic talents.


Amsterdam is a city of culture and history. The city boasts thousands of unique monuments that stand proud and strong around the city. Walking through parks, streets and buildings shows the way to beautiful statues and art that stand in remembrance of something. Sightseeing monuments in Amsterdam is as simple as following your feet. Walking the city can open new doors that would have been missed.


Amsterdam’s beauty does not disappoint in its park system. With so much culture and architectural grandeur, it’s difficult to imagine grass and trees to live up. However, there are several beautiful natural sights inside the city.


This emerald oasis in a city of beauty holds its own as one of the most important sights in Amsterdam. Vondelpark is located near the city’s historic district and attracts families from all of the city to enjoy the warmth and culture that only a park can inspire. Stopping by Vondelpark is taking a step towards the calmness of nature enhanced by the artists that love it. Walking through the park, visitors can see dozens of sculptures and carvings not mention a splattering of gorgeous homes.

Shopping and Cuisine

One of the best things about finding a cheap flight to Amsterdam is having to opportunity to experience the amazing food culture that thrives within the city. Amsterdam offers more shopping and cuisine diversity than many cities combined. From the historical district to the large rolling markets, it truly is a city for travelers.

Café Gollum

This fun and lively bar offers visitors a chance to experience an original beer bar in person. On weekends, the bar offers live jazz music to its patrons, all the while offering a unbelievable variety of beers for its more thirsty patrons. What could make the Café Gollum more unique? How about being housed in the city’s old distillery.

Albert Cuyp Market

Of all the markets in the world, few are as remarkable to experience as the Albert Cuyp Market. Originally just a small corner of vendors and their patrons, the market grew to a bustling hub of commerce that rivals any of its kind. In the market, visitors can find unique cultural items and souvenirs that commemorate their visit forever. Even more, the market is a great place to simply experience the daily life of the city, to see the people that make up its essence and to connect with capital.

District V

This amazing restaurant has been placed on so many lists and been given so many awards it’s almost silly to try and list them. While District V may seem plain on the outside, it is a cuisine experience not to be missed. The restaurant’s menu is updated daily, so no two visits are ever the same. With its natural brick interior and specialty French and Italian cuisine all mixed with Dutch culture, District V is certainly worth a visit.

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